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About Us

Fiona Raison, President

In 2008, Fiona Raison started a local destination management company called Moab Destination Management (MDM). She has a background of 28 years experience as a program director for European Incentive and Conference houses, and ran her own small UK Event Company in London.
Her background is worldwide events and management, including venue selection, airline and hotel reservations, transportation, food and beverage, outdoor activities and entertainment with teams of tour directors on 4-30 day programs.
She is very involved in the Moab community, was on the Moab Travel Council advisory board for 2 years and a member of the Moab Chamber of Commerce.  She volunteers at local community events including the Moab Music Festival yearly. Her passion is hiking the land, she is has lived with Native American tribes in the Southwest and has a good understanding of their culture and traditions.

Clients and Partners Include:

Honda UK
Launch of a new vehicle: 1000 journalists in Seville, Spain over one month, food & beverage, sherry tastings, managing the vehicles on route, setting up stops, visits to Seville and Cadiz.
Incentra Solutions
Annual 2 day conference in Denver - 250 people.

Foster's Beer
Grand Prix events in Belgium, Italy and England

MY EXPERIENCE, NYC - Media Incentives
History Channel Alaska Adventure: 40 advertising clients on a 4 day program for wine tasting, lunches, cocktail parties and dinners, outdoor activities, iceclimbing/dog-sledding/snowshoeing/skiing/snowmobiling into ice caves.
Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival: TV and exhibits - South Beach, Florida - 250 people
HGTV: Sonoma and Florida - 4 day programs for  promotional sponsors including wine tastings/receptions/dinners/activities including spa treatments, kayaking and hot air ballooning.

Accenture - Worldwide annual conference - 1000 attendees in Dallas connecting with European delegates holding their annual conferences in 6 countries.


"Fiona did an outstanding job managing the details of YPO Santa Barbara’s retreat to Moab. It was a challenge to keep everything running smoothly over our four day trip, for our CEO group, and Fiona was able to anticipate problems and prevent them from happening as well as accommodate adjustments to our plans on the fly."

Dave Clark, President, Impulse Advanced Communications
YPO Santa Barbara

"Fiona has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of event planning, logistics and execution. She is also well-liked by both clients and attendees, and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her highly for the skill set and enthusiasm she extols."

Michael Yavorsky, President, My Experience.